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well it certainly has been a while, apologies i think should be offered, but you know what? i’ve been riding, for hours and hours a day (well 4), and i’m loving it. after almost 3 months laid up with a severe case of  lackofmotivation, followed by various injuries, i’m finally back on the bike and just can’t get enough. tiredness has been winning though, i’ll have to up the greens.

these periods of BikeLove are not to be pondered. just go ride the sh*t out of your steed, till your arse hangs in ribbons and your hands look like you actually do a Real Man’s job (miner, dock hand, florist). such times are to be cherished, not questioned, for sure enough it won’t be long before the pain wins out – if, that is, you’re riding you’re bike properly…

anyway, where was i? oh yes Paul Kimmage. this guy doesn’t…

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BCS Bowl preview

When acquiring players in the foreign transfer market, Sir Alex Ferguson has had the triumphs of the acquisitions of Cristiano Ronaldo or Ruud Van Nistelrooy and the tribulations of Zoran Tosic and Juan Sebastian Veron. But when shopping in the Premier League, Fergie’s transfer record has been almost flawless. Such has been Fergie’s competence in procuring talent from other Premier League clubs, if the Premier League was a high street store, Fergie would have a Platinum Plus store card. 

There is a theory that domestic players are generally too expensive, and while that may indeed be the case, for Fergie paying a premium for an already proven Premier League performer clearly represents a calculated risk. 

No player quite epitomises the term ‘calculated risk’ like Eric Cantona. Cantona was a free spirit, a player with obvious talent but had yet to discover the stage to harness his true ability. Fergie took…

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